b'BIDDING FAREWELL TO MERYL EPSTEINMerylssteadyandwarmleadershipof the Mintz Pride group was a true gift forMerylwasoneoftherealtrailblazersthe firm, and for so many of us personally.and role models for women Members in Merylalwaystookthetimetoextendthe Corporate section. Always extremely herself and make people feel welcomedpoised,thoroughlycompetent,and andincludedatthefirm,andnevercomprehensivelyknowledgeable,she feared having a necessary, uncomfortabledemonstratedwithoutadoubtthat conversation and standing up for what isitwaspossibletobedevastatingly right. She will be much missed. effective as a corporate lawyer with her own understated personal style, without MEREDITH LEARY needingorwantingtobetheloudest Member, Litigation ormostattention-seekingpersonin the room.MEGAN GATESMember & Co-chair, Securities & Capital Markets PracticeAlong with the legal acumen, Meryl is humble but with presence and insight. She always provides golden nuggets of advice in modest wrapping: Do you think that maybe we should? The rest of that sentence was always something essential that youd better do. And it always left me thinking, Why didnt I come up with that? That was Meryl mathalways adding to the result, never subtracting.Meryl was and is, for want of a better word, real. Serious, yes, but willing to be goofy. Straightforward with no bullshit. A person of 100% integrity. To use the word in vogueauthentic. In short, a great partner, a great person, and a great friend.RICH MOCHEMember, Public Finance PracticeTHE 2020 MINTZ DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION REPORT p. 34'