b'UPON REFLECTIONAs a fan of the Marvel Universe, Ive alwaysdiversity or monitoring employment statistics. appreciatedthesayingwithgreatpowerThe firms progress on diversity and inclusion comesgreatresponsibility.Thathasneveris a result of understanding that our colleagues been more true than for leaders in the legalwho are women, minorities, or members of the professionwhenitcomestotheissueofLGBTQ+ community dont want or expect to inclusion. Because we have officially reachedreceive tolerance or be assimilatedthey thepointwheretheDEIdiscussionisnotexpect (and deserve) to be an essential part only about numbers from underrepresentedof the fabric of the firm, and to be valued for groups,whichhastraditionallybeenthetheir own uniqueness.cornerstonefocusofdiversity.Thesuccess ahead will be gained by making our profession,Therehasbeenmuchrecentdiscussion andtheinstitutionswhichmanageit,onsocialjusticeandtheimportancethat more inclusive. ourprofessionreflectallcommunitiesand perspectives,irrespectiveofbackground. Pivoting to inclusion brings a whole separateThere is no room for diversity fatigue, as those setofchallenges,theresponsetowhichwhoarenotadequatelyrepresentedinthe formsthebasisforthefirmsdiversitylegal profession are not afforded such a luxury. strategic plan. It is an additional focus that isWhile proud of its diversity accomplishments only successfully addressed with consistent,that are listed here, Mintz is focused on the informed,andmultidimensionalstrategiesnext level and being a leader among law firms thatgobeyondstatementscommittingtoon inclusion.TYRONE THOMASChair, Diversity Committee Member & Co-chair,Sports & Entertainment PracticeFor more information on our efforts around diversity, equity, and inclusion, please click here. p. 37'