b'A MORE INCLUSIVE FIRMWhenIgraduatedhighschool,Iwasundocumentedandfeltnaive forthinkingIcouldsomedaygotocollege.Aftersevenyearsofbeing undocumented, I received my green card and felt extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to receive an education in this country. The hardships Iexperiencedinmyjourneymotivatedmetoadvocateforothersand inspired me to go to law school. I worked full time to put myself through college. I saved $500 for an LSAT prep course, but I was not accepted the first time I applied to law school. However, my journey as an immigrant taught me to be resilient, embrace adversity, and never give up. I decided to do a Master of Legal Studies to get better, improve my English, and reapply to law school. Two years ago, New England Law Boston gave me an opportunity. Today, I am proud to announce that I accepted an offer to work at Mintz as an Associate in the Litigation section beginning in fall 2021. I am humbled and honored to join Mintz, one of the best law firms in the nation dedicated to providing legal excellence and with a deep commitment to social justice. I feel incredibly grateful and do not take this opportunity for granted. I will continue to work hard to represent my culture positively and create paths for other migrants. SOFIA NUO UNANUEp. 9'