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Healthcare Law & Compliance Institute

Navigating Opportunities and Sharing Perspectives on How To Steer Your Organization Through a Challenging Healthcare Landscape


Date: October 2, 2022 - October 4, 2022

Time: 9:00AM - 5:00PM (EST)

Location: Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, CA

Lara Compton, Kate Stewart, Brent Henry and Joe Miller will be speaking at the 2022 Healthcare Law & Compliance Institute. The Fall 2022 Institute will dig into a range of highly relevant, timely topics, and to glean pragmatic tips and best practices to be most effective in their roles and to enable their organizations to thrive in a dynamic healthcare landscape.

Think Tank: Private Equity Trends in Health Care: A View From the Inside

Lara Compton and Kate Stewart will be leading this discussion which will cover how private equity approaches a potential investment in the health sector, including investments in or partnerships with hospital and health systems.

Mid-Career to Retirement: Exploring The GC Lifecycle

Brent Henry is speaking in this open discussion with former General Counsel and General Counsel in transition, who will candidly share their experiences as the heads of their respective legal departments, as well as perspectives on how they managed their CEOs and Boards, how they addressed succession planning, how they transitioned out of their organizations and what post-retirement life looks like.

Health Systems and Antitrust – An Insider Perspective

Joe Miller is moderating this session which will explore: 

  • Are the antitrust issues the same or different for urban and rural systems?
  • What are the new issues and theories under the Biden Administration?
  • A lot of deals are motivated by improving quality of care. Do the enforcers care?
  • How do they evaluate quality arguments?
  • State Attorneys General are active antitrust enforcers as well. How should the state government factor into your growth plans?
  • How should you educate the broader stakeholder community about how antitrust enforcement impacts your strategic plans?
  • Practical tips and takeaways for antitrust compliance