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Though merger reviewers at the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are back at work after the 30+ day government shutdown, antitrust experts note that backlog and the possibility of another shutdown are significantly impacting the certainty merging parties rely on. Mintz Member Rob Kidwell is among the industry sources quoted.

In this op-ed for the Albany Times Union, Mintz Member Jason P.W. Halperin discusses voting reform efforts in New York state and the need to take those efforts one step further to include automatic voter registration.
This Bloomberg “Insight” column, authored by Mintz’s Joshua Briones and Nicole Ozeran, discusses a recent Ninth Circuit ruling in an American with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuit and what companies can learn from this in terms of their own websites.
Mintz Member John Rudy is quoted in this Bloomberg News story discussing how the ongoing government shutdown is impacting the initial public offerings (IPO) market.
This feature story looks at how the longest government shutdown is impacting the furniture industry. The piece notes that several governing agencies are largely shuttered, and companies are experiencing decreasing sales and delayed shipments, among other consequences. The author notes that the overall feeling within the industry is one of significant uncertainty. Mintz Member Matt Howsare, Chair of the firm’s Consumer Product Safety Practice, is among the industry sources quoted. Matt tells Business of Home, “The longer the shutdown continues, the more unilateral recalls we should expect to see. Companies should not just sit on a recall simply because the CPSC is closed if they believe there is a risk to their customers.”
This article discusses a trademark battle between Washington D.C.’s International Spy Museum and New York’s KGB Spy Museum. Mintz Member Michael Graif, who is not involved in the matter, is quoted providing third-party commentary.
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