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Getting The Deal Done! Best Practices For Health Care Transactions

Navigating the regulatory frameworks that impact health care transactions can be challenging. These frameworks have the ability to impact multiple aspects of a transaction, including timing, structure, and valuation. Knowing how to identify and avoid these regulatory pitfalls is critical to averting these challenges that can delay or break a deal. And, ultimately, it’s what you know that can make the deal.

This webinar was spearheaded by Private Equity Member Katya Daniel and Health Law attorneys Lauren Moldawer and Cassandra Paolillo and covered the following:

• Overview of the health care regulatory framework impacting deals (e.g., the Anti-Kickback Statute, False Claims Act)

• Importance of due diligence and its impact on the definitive agreements

• Regulatory requirements related to changes of ownership

• Issues related to the corporate practice of medicine


Please Note: CLE is only available to those who attended the live webinar on 2/9/2023.

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