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Webinar Recording: Surviving Climate Change: An Introduction to Legal and Practical Considerations

Climate change is one of the key challenges confronting humanity. Learning to navigate these rising waters is a significant issue for organizations around the world, both legally and as a practical matter. Notably, the Biden administration’s focus on climate change is now being reflected in a plethora of evolving regulatory initiatives, across a wide variety of agencies and institutions, which must be addressed by those conducting business in the United States. For those increasingly focused on ESG initiatives, these changes are particularly relevant.

In this webinar, speakers from Mintz and GZA explore the legal and practical considerations for companies navigating a world impacted by climate change. Topics discussed include: 

  • How companies can prepare for this new regulatory environment
  • Identifying and managing litigation and enforcement risks
  • Practical steps companies can take now to improve their resiliency in the future

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Jacob H. Hupart is a Member in the firm's Litigation Section and has a multifaceted practice that encompasses complex commercial litigation, including cases involving environmental, securities, and employment claims, as well as class action litigation, white collar criminal defense, and regulatory investigations. His clients sit in a variety of industries, including energy, financial services, education, and the media.