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Iris Cheung, PhD


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Iris is an intellectual property attorney and a registered Canadian and US patent agent with a background in molecular biology and biochemistry and industry experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. She focuses her practice on Canadian, US, and international patent prosecution, primarily for clients in the life sciences, medical devices, artificial intelligence, and cannabis industries.

Prior to joining Mintz, Iris was an associate at one of the top Canadian IP law firms, where she focused on patenting, IP issues in contracts, and technology-related regulatory matters.

Before attending law school, Iris worked in business roles at a drug manufacturing company and a genomics services provider. She also conducted postdoctoral research on genome stability at Princeton University, postdoctoral research on epigenetics at the University of Massachusetts, and graduate research on genome stability at the University of British Columbia.


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Where an alleged infringer administers a substance A to a subject, and the substance is subsequently transformed to a therapeutic agent X inside the subject’s body, does the administration of the substance A constitute an act of infringement of a patent claiming a method of treatment by administration of the therapeutic agent X?

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