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Chapter 9 & Municipal Insolvency Litigation

Top Tier Restructuring Attorneys

​We maximize creditor recovery from distressed municipal borrowers. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of public finance and the varied ways governments access capital markets. Our team of litigators are accomplished in both restructuring law and public finance law and are exceptionally well positioned to implement strategies tailored to each situation — and ensure the best debt holder recoveries.

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Our Experience

A Leading Role

on every Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy over the past several years

Go-To Adviser

on the myriad of issues surrounding the debt crisis in Puerto Rico

Our Approach

Our approach is always to evaluate the best and most efficient strategy in partnership with our client. From Orange County to Puerto Rico, we've been involved in advising the buy side in all major governmental restructurings of the past 25 years.

The Game Plan

We start with a deep understanding of our client's position and what they want to achieve. Then we apply our legal skill, industry knowledge, and contacts to learn the client's rights and remedies under both legal documents and applicable law. When a consensual resolution is not available or advisable, we evaluate the best and most efficient litigation strategies in partnership with our client to vigorously represent the client's interest in any court in the country.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Meet Mintz

Our attorneys will work closely with you to determine the best, most efficient strategy for your situation  — and help you ensure the best recovery.