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Employee Mobility & Trade Secrets

Helping You Take the Right Steps to Protect Your Interests

Protection of trade secrets is vital to a company’s success. But sensitive information has never been at greater risk. Technology and today’s workforce mobility put today’s global marketplace at risk for information misuse and theft. We'll help you protect your interests — whether you're an employer or an employee. We help employers fighting to maintain a competitive edge. And we work with employees who are rightfully seeking to appropriately leverage their talents in today’s marketplace.

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Our Experience


Years of experience with noncompete issues and trade secret law in multiple jurisdictions worldwide

Case Study
Mintz successfully defended HR Outsourcing, Inc. in a case brought under the Defend Trade Secrets Act shortly after the statute became effective in May 2016. At the outset of the case, Mintz attorneys raised defects in the plaintiff’s pleading.

Litigation team attorneys and professionals

Our Approach

Mintz has a broad-based team of knowledgeable attorneys to assist you. We command substantial experience across US and international jurisdictions with noncompete agreements, trade secret laws, and other issues relating to employee mobility. And we've helped companies across a wide range of industries protect their trade secrets and confidential information — developing proactive strategies, and, when necessary, representing our clients’ interests in court.

We also provide practical counsel to help executives avoid mistakes that could put them or their new employers in jeopardy when making a move.

A Multidisciplinary Practice
  • Privacy
  • Intellectual Property
  • Immigration
  • Litigation
Areas of Focus
  • Trade secret and unfair competition protections, including covenants not to disclose, disparage, compete, service, solicit, hire or recruit, and other post-employment restrictions
  • Draft noncompete agreements with employees, independent contractors, joint venture partners, and others
  • Provide multijurisdictional representation
  • Anticipate and minimize risk of parallel actions

Meet Mintz

Our team has helped companies across a wide range of industries protect their confidential information and trade secrets — developing proactive strategies, and, when necessary, representing their interests in court.