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SPAC Litigation & Risk Management

Assessing Potential Hazards 

SPACs have raised nearly $100 billion in 2021 alone. But as the SPAC boom continues and this relatively uncharted market evolves, investors, executives, and financial institutions are eyeing the growth in SPAC lawsuits and focusing on strategies to avoid litigation.

Mintz is continually surveying and evaluating the SPAC litigation landscape. The firm’s SPAC team monitors the claims that plaintiffs and their lawyers are asserting, tracks where claims are being filed, and evaluates other case trends to help Mintz clients avoid risks and unnecessary costs whenever possible.

Currently, plaintiffs are making particular use of allegations that 1) SPACs have failed to conduct adequate due diligence on the de-SPAC target, and 2) SPACs have rushed to complete a transaction before the redemption window. We expect the plaintiffs’ bar to expand these areas of focus as more lawsuits are filed.

Leaders in Securities Litigation

Our experienced attorneys will help you address the unique challenges posed by SPACs so you can navigate SPAC opportunities to your advantage. We help clients avoid possible enforcement actions based on alleged SEC disclosure deficiencies, claims alleging breaches of fiduciary duty, proxy and post-merger litigation, shareholder actions, and D&O insurance issues related to the de-SPAC process.

When litigation is unavoidable, our team has significant experience in post-M&A disputes, Securities Class Action cases, and SEC investigations. In recent years, 47% of all “core” securities class action lawsuits have been dismissed on the pleadings. Mintz’s dismissal rate is much higher. We’re successful in efficiently resolving disputes early in a manner that minimizes business interruption.

See the thought leadership below for insight to help you apply best practices and protect your bottom line.

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Breaking Down the SPAC Surge Card

Mintz's latest report analyzes SPAC data provided by PitchBook and investigates the drivers of this surge along with the implications for capital markets and private companies on the whole. It also considers the key risks and opportunities inherent to SPACs due to their features and how these financing vehicles could evolve.

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SPAC Market Rish Considerations Report Graphic

In 2020, SPAC IPOs outpaced traditional IPOs in both total number of offerings and collective capital raised; and 2021 is on track to surpass those numbers. As a result, investors, executives, and financial institutions are becoming increasingly wary of a potential wave of litigation, given the challenges posed by SPACs’ unique structure and liabilities. The following considerations are intended to help clients mitigate risk as they navigate this complex and uncharted market.

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Financier Worldwild Shareholder Disputes Article Card

While coronavirus (COVID-19) temporarily halted the steady rise in shareholder disputes seen in recent years, shareholders still found time to files a range of claims, including allegations of a lack of diversity among boards of directors and senior management, as well as new categories of event-drive, pandemic-related litigation. However, as the situation slowly improves, many expect to see an uptick in the volume of both shareholder activism and litigation in 2021 and beyond, as parties adjust to the post-COVID-19 landscape.

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Webinar Card

Mintz Members Adam Sisitsky, Nancy Adams, Jack Sylvia and Of Counsel, Kristen White discuss the rising risk of litigation and regulatory enforcement facing SPACs and the individuals that lead them. Topics will included the current SPAC litigation landscape, SPAC M&A–related litigation, including disclosure issues and breach of fiduciary duty in the de-SPAC process, D&O coverage challenges and risk mitigation and heightened SEC scrutiny.

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Podcast Card

It seems that everyone is taking a second look at SPACs as the number of lawsuits against these alternative IPOs continues to increase by the day.

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Securities Litigation Viewpoint Card

On March 31, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Division of Corporation Finance published a staff statement which outlines accounting, financial reporting, and governance issues that private companies should consider before completing a SPAC transaction. The statement is relevant in that it represents the SEC’s first public statement on the advance planning steps it recommends private companies undertake before weighing whether to go public via a combination transaction with a SPAC.

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News & Press

News & Press

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Mintz Member and Co-chair of the firm’s Insurance Practice Nancy Adams was quoted extensively in an article published by Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence detailing how companies going public through a merger with a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC, are facing skyrocketing premiums for directors and officers’ liability coverage due to the higher risk of litigation and increased regulatory scrutiny. The article also quoted remarks made by Of Counsel Kristen White during a recent Mintz webinar exploring the rising risk of litigation and regulatory enforcement facing SPACs and the individuals that lead them.
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An article published by CFO Dive featured quotes from Mintz Member and Co-chair of the firm’s Securities Litigation Practice Jack Sylvia, Member and Co-chair of the firm’s Insurance Practice Nancy Adams and Of Counsel, Kristen White exploring the rising risk of litigation and regulatory enforcement facing special purpose acquisition company (SPAC)s and the individuals that lead them.