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Mintz Secures Victory for AMD at the ITC

Led by Michael RenaudJim WodarskiMike McNamaraBill MeunierAarti Shah, and Adam Rizk, the Mintz team secured an important victory for its client Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) at the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC). The case was filed against LG, VIZIO, MediaTek, and Sigma Designs, and it involved complex graphics circuit technology.

The ITC launched its investigation, entitled Certain Graphics Systems, Components Thereof, and Consumer Products Containing the Same (337-TA-1044), in March 2017. AMD claimed LG, VIZIO, MediaTek, and Sigma Designs had shipped TVs and graphics chips that infringe four of its U.S. Patents, Nos. 7,633,506, 7,796,133, 8,760,454, and 9,582,846. LG was terminated from the Investigation in October 2017, shortly before the five-day final evidentiary hearing that was held in late November 2017.

In her notice of final initial determination, Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) MaryJoan McNamara of the ITC ruled that VIZIO, MediaTek, and Sigma Designs violated Section 337 of the Tariff Act. Her initial determination recommends that the ITC exclude their graphics systems, components thereof, and consumer products containing the same from entry into the United States. Additionally, the ALJ recommended the issuance of cease and desist orders against VIZIO and Sigma Designs.

Mintz is gratified by the results of this action and is optimistic that the Commission will uphold the ALJ’s determination.

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Michael T. Renaud

Member / Chair, Intellectual Property Division

Michael T. Renaud is an intellectual property litigator and patent strategist who helps Mintz clients protect and generate revenue from their patent holdings. Clients rely on Mike's counsel on complex and sensitive licensing agreement negotiations, acquisitions, and other technology transactions.
Adam S. Rizk is a Mintz member whose practice focuses on intellectual property, specifically patent litigation. His work covers portfolio analysis, patent infringement analyses, patent validity analyses, claim construction, discovery issues, and trial preparation.