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Deirdre M. Willgohs

Patent Agent

[email protected]



Deirdre is a Technical Advisor with experience in reviewing biomedical device patents and an educational background in biomedical engineering.

Prior to joining Mintz, Deirdre worked as a patent examiner for the US Patent & Trademark Office. In that role, she researched prior art, drafted Office Actions for patent applications, and was responsible for granting or denying biomedical device patents.

While earning her undergraduate degree, Deirdre had a research internship at Nomura Research Group at the University of California, Berkeley. In that role, she worked on identifying ligands bonding to proteins that play key roles in cancers and neurodegenerative diseases, and tested the efficacy of ligands in treating cells modeling neurodegenerative diseases. At Northwestern University, Deirdre worked as a laboratory aide at the school’s Andersen Lab, where she assisted with genetics research, and as a reaction methodologist in the school’s organic chemistry teaching laboratory.