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Jonathan R. Markman


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Jonathan's TechComm practice focuses on wireless, cable, and emerging technologies, with a particular emphasis on UAS (commonly known as drones) and wireless spectrum. He has experience with FCC and FAA procedures and rulemakings, formal and informal complaints, and FCC investigations, as well as filing and prosecuting applications with the FCC and FAA. Jonathan advises clients on compliance with FCC and FAA rules, as well as assisting in developing proposals for rule changes and analyzing the impact of proposed changes on clients.  He also assists clients with foreign government advocacy efforts, particularly in the wireless spectrum arena.  Jonathan also has extensive experience in legislative advisory work, assisting clients in understanding legislation and preparing advocacy materials for use in discussions with Congressional staff.

In addition to taking a professional interest in FAA matters, Jonathan is a student pilot.

Prior to joining Mintz, Jonathan worked as an associate at a prominent communications firm in the DC area. There he prepared FCC pleadings, applications, and various other related paperwork for clients, and advised broadcast, wireless, Internet, and trade group clients on FCC, federal, and state laws.

Jonathan is active in Mintz’s pro bono practice, particularly with immigration-related cases. He speaks and reads Spanish and has experience communicating with clients exclusively in Spanish.

During his time at the University of Michigan Law School, Jonathan was an associate editor for the Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review.


  • University of Michigan (JD, cum laude)
  • Yale University (MA, with honors)
  • Yale University (BA, with honors)


Cable & Telecom Transactions

  • Represented TPG Global in its $2.365 billion acquisition of Wave Broadband in 2018 to create the sixth largest cable operator in the country, changing the nature of the company from a small, relatively unknown competitor to one of the most powerful cable operators in the country.
  • Represented TPG Global in its acquisition from Oak Hill Capital Partners and GI Partners of two cable operators, RCN Telecom Services, LLC and Grande Communications Networks, LLC. The firm acted as regulatory counsel for TPG, advising on the pre-purchase due diligence, preparing and filing applications for regulatory approval of the transaction by the FCC and state and local governments, and shepherding those applications through the approval process until completion and closing.

Unmanned Systems

  • Advised clients (broadcasters, trade associations, energy companies) on state and local laws regarding privacy, trespass, and other limitations imposed on the operations of small unmanned aircraft (sUAS), and the implications of possible federal preemption of state and local jurisdiction. Also, monitored legislation regarding grant of additional preemption authority to the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Advised energy client on use of sUAS to inspect and monitor facilities, assisting the client in understanding the parameters of lawful use and the possibility of a waiver of the beyond-line-of-sight rule.
  • Prepared Section 333 Exemption of FAA rules to allow for operations of sUAS.
  • Advised client on compliance with FAA Part 107 rules relating to flights of UAS to avoid violation of the ‘flights over people’ rule.
  • Advised client on Part 107 and public safety rules related to disaster relief efforts following 2017 hurricanes.


  • Co-chair, FCBA’s Engineering and Technical Committee


- Spanish

Recent Insights

News & Press


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FAA Proposes New UAS (Drone) Identification Rules

January 2, 2020 | Alert | By Laura Stefani, Jonathan R. Markman

Read about the FAA’s proposed rules related to remote identification for Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or drones, which would affect operators, manufacturers, and companies that collect flight information.
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FCC Seeks Big Role in Telemedicine with New Fund

July 31, 2019 | Blog | By Russell Fox, Jonathan R. Markman

$100 million in Federal funds may soon become available to help healthcare providers cover the costs of broadband and connected care services. Earlier this month, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted on a proposal, on which it will seek public comment, for a new “Connected Care Pilot Program,” and the comment period on that proposal has now begun. The proposed program would direct money to telehealth initiatives, especially for medically underserved populations like low-income families and veterans. The money would come from the Universal Service Fund (USF), which is an existing fund of fees paid by telecommunications service providers currently used for a variety of purposes.
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Drones and Sports? Pro Leagues and NCAA Weigh In

May 7, 2019 | Blog | By Laura Stefani, Jonathan R. Markman

Recently, the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) accepted comments on the future of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (“UAS”), those aircraft under 55 pounds that we commonly refer to as “drones.” The FAA has authorized UAS operations for several years, but many industries have been dissatisfied with the level of allowable use and have pressed the agency to further clarify the circumstances under which operations are allowed. Sports leagues have joined this group.
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FAA Announces New UAS (Drone) Marking Rule

February 14, 2019 | Alert | By Laura Stefani, Jonathan R. Markman

This article covers an immediate FAA rule change requiring markings for small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS, commonly known as drones). Beginning February 25, 2019, every UAS must have its registration number displayed and visible on the external surface of the aircraft.
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FAA Announces Draft Proposals for the UAS (Drone) Industry

January 17, 2019 | Alert | By Laura Stefani, Jonathan R. Markman

Read about two FAA draft proposals concerning the commercial operations of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or drones, and how they could impact the industry and how drones are used.
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Congress Directs the FAA to Modify Drone Rules

October 8, 2018 | Alert | By Laura Stefani, Jonathan R. Markman

This alert provides a list of 10 important new directives to the FAA that should soon allow drones to be used for a broader array of commercial operations, including package deliveries, and hasten the integration of UAS into national airspace.
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Proposal for FCC Rules for UAS Command and Control Spectrum

May 2, 2018 | Alert | By Laura Stefani

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is seeking public comment on a proposal by the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) to adopt service rules for the use of 5030-5091 MHz by small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS). 
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Under the FAA’s rules governing the operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS, commonly known as “drones”) for non-recreational purposes, operations within a few miles of an airport (referred to as “controlled airspace”) are prohibited absent permission from Air Traffic Control (ATC).
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News & Press

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Mintz Member and Chair of the firm’s Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice Cynthia Larose, Of Counsel Laura Stefani, and Associates Jonathan Markman and Elana Safner co-authored this guest post published by Dronelife that addressed how the California Consumer Privacy Act might affect drone operators in the state. The article also provided action items for surveillance and drone companies as they prepare for CCPA implementation.



The Future of Technology: Legal Issues Associated with Artificial Intelligence and Drones

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