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Liliana Di Nola-Baron, PhD., Esq.

Special Counsel

[email protected]



Liliana is a seasoned patent attorney whose practice encompasses drafting and prosecuting US and international patents, managing patent portfolios, performing due diligence searches and analyses, and preparing patentability, infringement, and freedom-to-operate opinions. She leverages her experience as a patent practitioner and as a former patent examiner at the US Patent and Trademark Office as well as her background in molecular biology, immunology, and plant biochemistry to advise clients on intellectual property issues and coordinate national and international patent prosecution strategies. Liliana works with start-ups and established companies across the life sciences sector and in the food and beverage, agriculture, clean tech and renewable, artificial intelligence, and other industries.

Liliana has extensive experience prosecuting patents in a broad spectrum of areas related to life sciences, including drugs, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, monoclonal antibodies, immunology, gene therapy, molecular biology, biochemistry, large molecules, small molecule compounds, stem cells, medical devices, and diagnostic methods and equipment. She also has extensive experience with food science, drink compositions, transgenic plants, crop improvements, biofuels, cannabinoids, chemical processes, microbe purification systems, cosmetics, coatings, and biologics integrated with artificial intelligence and software.  

Prior to joining Mintz, Liliana worked as a solo practitioner and was also the biotechnology attorney leader for a San Francisco–based patent law firm. During that time, her practice included drafting and prosecuting patents, advising clients on intellectual property strategies and patent portfolios, and counseling clients on intellectual property protection tactics such as non-disclosure and licensing agreements. 

Liliana has also worked as an associate and patent attorney with intellectual property law firms as well as a patent agent and patent attorney with global law firms. Earlier in her career, she was a patent examiner for the US Patent and Trademark Office.                                                      

After earning her PhD, Liliana worked as a molecular biologist for the US Department of Agriculture, where she researched how plants use cellular membrane proteins to defend against viruses and pathogens. She also conducted research on T cell activation while working as an immunologist for the US Food and Drug Administration and the control of weed seed germination while serving as a plant biochemist for the USDA.

Liliana is also an accomplished triathlete and marathoner. Liliana successfully run the Boston marathon several times, as well as the marathon in Rome, and completed a half iron man in Israel. She has won many awards in competitions around the world.

Liliana Di Nola-Baron, PhD., Esq.

Special Counsel

Washington, DC