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Michael A. Mattoni, PhD

Senior Patent Agent

[email protected]



Mike joins Mintz with extensive experience as a registered patent agent. He is well-versed in preparing and prosecuting domestic applications, overseeing preparation and prosecution of foreign applications, contributing to business development activities, and assisting with diligence investigations, including patentability/FTO assessments. Mike is experienced in a variety of technology areas including mechanical, electrical, and medical devices, metallurgical compositions, functional coatings, energy storage, software, and structural materials. Some of the more diverse technical areas in which he has substantive experience include polymer and ceramic composites, carbon nanotubes, graphene electrodes, Li-ion and F-ion electrochemical cells, mass spectroscopy, confocal microscopy, metal-ceramic coatings, intermetallic alloys, semiconductors, phased radar arrays, LADAR imaging, and arthroscopic surgical tools and methods.

Mike earned his PhD in materials engineering at the University of California, where his dissertation research focused on the mechanical behavior of fiber-reinforced oxide composites. He continued his post-graduate research jointly with the materials department and Marine Science Institute at the University investigating the mechanical behavior of bio-materials, specifically marine worm teeth. Mike is also published in numerous scientific journals, including the Journal of the American Ceramic Society, the Journal of Experimental Biology, the International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, and the International Journal of Materials Research (Zeitschrift für Metallkunde).


  • University of California - Santa Barbara (PhD, Materials Engineering)
  • Kenyon College (BA, Physics)



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