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Corporate Governance

Timely Advice in an Ever-Evolving World

Corporate boards are being called on to answer the growing demand for ESG-centered initiatives within their organizations now more than ever. As the concept of ESG continues to evolve, Mintz’s multidisciplinary team of highly skilled attorneys stay on top of legal and regulatory trends, providing well-timed advice to corporate boards in various industries.

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Our Approach

Our attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in advising corporate boards as they respond to the growing demand for ESG-focused initiatives. Our team keeps current on regulatory and legal developments to ensure that our clients receive forward-looking advice as they navigate issues related to board composition, transparent accounting methods, compensation, diversity issues, and disclosures. Relying on our decades of legal and operational experience, Mintz’s ESG team can provide corporate boards with valuable insights as to the necessary steps towards organizational and operational change.

Areas of Focus
  • Transparent accounting methods
  • Compliance with statutory diversity initiatives
  • Executive compensation alignment with ESG principles
  • Board member recruiting – avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Role of the board and compensation committee regarding ESG analysis
  • SEC disclosure initiatives, institutional investor recommendations, and priorities
  • Third party reporting frameworks and other regulatory concepts currently associated with ESG
  • Initiatives aimed at regulating gender and racial balance for board composition and current litigation related to board diversity

Our Team

Other ESG Business Issues