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Advancing Towards Social Change

Powered by our commitment to social justice, Mintz’s ESG team stands ready to assist companies as they answer the rising call to action to integrate socially responsible business practices and enact social change within their organizations. Mintz’s ESG team includes seasoned practitioners from across a variety of legal disciplines with extensive experience in advising companies and corporate boards on how to manage these initiatives and promote lasting change within and outside their organizations.

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Our Approach

Our multidisciplinary ESG team has deep experience in helping corporate boards with the full range of issues related to implementing socially conscious initiatives. Our collaborative approach ensures that our clients receive well-rounded advice as they implement employee programs related to diversity, inclusion, and volunteerism and policies that impact their business relationships. We share our clients’ passion for social justice and believe that the steps we take today towards change will have a lasting positive impact.

Areas of Focus
  • Critical analysis of corporate business relationships and values 
  • Corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives
  • Stakeholders’ Interests
  • Employee and community health and safety
  • Supplier values aligned with corporate values
  • Social impact investing
  • Corporate donations and investments
  • Employees incentivized to perform volunteer work
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Advice on best practices for devising and implementing a DEI strategy
  • Conducting assessments and identifying indicators of diversity performance
  • Creating a legal construct to identify where and how to implement qualitative and quantitative diversity goals
  • Strengthening core competencies with underrepresented components in human capital
  • Strategies to provide guidance for individually tailored long- and short-term diversity plans

Our Team

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