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Environmental Enforcement Defense

Safeguarding Your Business

​Environmental enforcement actions can damage your brand and derail your plans. A legal partner with a practical and efficient defense strategy can help you quickly resolve an enforcement action — minimizing its impact on your business and your people.

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Our Experience

Case Study
Mintz represented a client and its former employees amid a lengthy state attorney general’s investigation following accusations of criminal violations of the state’s Superfund law. Mintz led a team of environmental lawyers and experts, and the allegations were settled in a civil consent decree.
Case Study
Mintz represented a client alleged to be responsible for the contamination of a public water supply. Mintz attorneys led an investigation of the state’s theory, including working with a leading hydrogeologist and locating the client's former employees. The state ultimately abandoned its claims.

Areas of Focus

Our Approach

We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to representation. And because of our extensive litigation experience, we know how to find the one that works for you. We have a track record of defending complex environmental cases in federal and state courts around the country. Our clients succeed because we bring our deep knowledge of the laws, regulations, and agency practices to bear to design and implement the best outcome for every case.

Covering State and Federal Laws
  • Resource Conservation Recovery Act
  • Clean Water Act including NPDES
  • Clean Air Act
  • Wetlands Protection Act
  • Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
Experience at Every Level

We resolve allegations by federal, state, and local governments in the most efficient way possible given the facts of each case, whether that be a full-throated defense or an attempt to compromise.

Criminal Proceedings

We represent clients before grand juries and in pretrial and trial proceedings. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

Meet Mintz

Our attorneys are recognized by their peers and clients for creative responses to government allegations of environmental violations.