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Mintz E-Data Consulting Group

Advanced Solutions to Mitigate Risk and Improve Efficiency

The Mintz E-Data Consulting Group is known for its commonsense, but innovative approach to large data exploration focused on the incorporation of sophisticated analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to information governance and content analysis. While our clients range in size and industry, the result is the same: on average, they experience a 95%+ reduction in data requiring human review whether in the context of contract analysis for a corporate transaction or document identification for an intra-party dispute. The motivations underlying all we do are automation, efficiency, and cost minimization.

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Our Experience

Case Study
Mintz successfully led a national diagnostics company through a series of informal investigative inquiries from the Department of Justice and formal responses to subpoenas issued by the Office of Inspector General.
Case Study
Mintz provides ongoing counsel to global biotech company in e-data discovery in a series of nationwide product liability cases related to its global franchise of marketed products.

Case Study
Mintz successfully counseled a premier national health care provider in the discovery phase of an investigation by the Department of Justice.

Our Approach

The E-Data Consulting Group was born from Mintz's commitment to integrating advanced technology applications in e-discovery and has evolved into a full-spectrum information governance (IG) and content analysis consultancy advising clients on corporate transactions, employment matters, internal/government investigations, and more. We are differentiated from peers in the field through our specific knowledge and capabilities with regard to data science. Unlike many other firms, Mintz handles analytics and document analysis primarily in-house, using internally-owned and -operated tools and technologies, instead of relying exclusively on third-party service providers.

Our investment in this infrastructure and our extensive capabilities give us unique access to the data, allow us to integrate seamlessly with internal client service teams, and enable us to creatively manage costs early in the process for our clients. We are also pioneering novel approaches to data access facilitating remote work and cross-functional collaboration.

E-Data Lifecycle

At every phase of the e-data lifecycle, from information governance to data identification, preservation, collection, and analysis, the Mintz E-Data Consulting Group works closely with each legal team and client to develop a case-specific and optimally-efficient workflow, cost forecast, and technical approach.

Often, our solutions and recommendations focus on data reduction, eliminating data that does not need to be looked at, or automation, programmatically identifying the most relevant content, through the use of AI, predictive analytics, active learning, and other strategies. Not only does less content analysis mean less expense, it also means we can more effectively elevate relevant materials to meet constricted transaction, investigation, or litigation timelines.

Litigation Landscape
  • Arbitration and ADR before foreign and domestic tribunals
  • Complex commercial disputes
  • Competition inquiries / second requests
  • Government investigations and inquiries
  • Health care litigation
  • Internal investigations
  • M&A data organization and analysis
  • Multi-jurisdictional/consolidated disputes
  • Patent litigation
Key Differentiators
  • Cross-disciplinary team of dedicated e-data attorneys supported by a sophisticated technology team with decades of experience in the industry
  • Nationally recognized professionals who are authorities on the integration of technology and artificial intelligence to all facets of large data management
  • A completely scalable department and resource, with the ability to address a single custodian email collection as readily as a multi-terabyte, multinational effort
  • Deep understanding of IT infrastructure, including email systems, structured and unstructured data repositories, and other IT resources
  • Experience counseling on comprehensive information governance plans and corporate technology use policies

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