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Wage & Hour

Effective Counsel, Successful Results

Wage and hour cases can be very costly for your business, and compliance with the law is more important than ever. Our attorneys have successfully guided employers towards compliance. We have also defended employers in federal and state wage and hour lawsuits of all sizes, including cases filed by individuals as well as class / collective actions.

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Our Experience


Litigators who specialize in class actions, collective actions, and wage and hour laws

Case Study
Mintz defeated a purported Fair Labor Standard Act collective action and a New York Labor Law minimum wage and overtime class action for nonprofit home health attendant agency Project OHR. The FLSA decision set a SDNY precedent, and Project OHR settled with the two plaintiffs on favorable terms.

Our Approach

Whether it’s on an issue by issue basis or via an employment practices audit, we work closely with you to ensure wage and hour compliance. We'll help you identify any gaps in pay practices or in satisfying any of the other hundreds of legal requirements, while considering the practical realities of running a for-profit business. And if you do face a lawsuit — especially one that develops into class / collective action litigation — our experienced team of accomplished employment litigators will be by your side to help you achieve a successful outcome. We also represent clients in wage and hour investigations undertaken by the DOL and state and local agencies.

Counsel on All Aspects of the Law
  • Classification and other exemption issues
  • Appropriate use of and payment practices for independent contractors
  • Timekeeping and record-keeping practices
  • Overtime pay practices
Defense for Federal & State Claims
  • Exempt vs. non-exempt misclassification
  • Independent contractor misclassification
  • Minimum wage and overtime violations, including off-the-clock, on-call, waiting time, and preliminary and postliminary time
  • Wage payment violations, including frequency, deductions, and overtime miscalculations
  • Pay notice and recordkeeping violations
Agency Experience

Represent clients in wage and hour investigations undertaken by the DOL and state and local agencies.

Trial Experience

Dedicated team in all offices with extensive trial experience in state and federal courts defending wage and hour claims

Meet Mintz

Our attorneys can help you reduce your risk of liability. If you're faced with a claim or investigation, we'll be at your side to provide you with a strong defense.