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Strategic IP Monetization & Licensing


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Crowdfunding and IP in Health and Biotech Start-ups (Part 1): The Beginning

June 18, 2015 | Blog | By Lisa Adams, Derek Constantine

PART 1: Pebble Technology had an interesting goal.  It wanted to design and build a watch that could connect to iPhone and Android smartphones using Bluetooth. It wanted to allow the watch to alert a wearer with a silent vibration for incoming calls, emails and messages.
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ALJ Essex Elaborates an Evidence-Based Framework for Adjudicating the FRAND Defense

June 11, 2015 | Alert | By Michael Renaud, Sandra Badin, Robert Moore, James Wodarski

Administrative Law Judge Essex recently issued the public version of his Initial Determination on Remand in International Trade Commission investigation No. 337-TA-613, In the Matter of Certain 3G Mobile Handsets and Components Thereof (the 613 Investigation).
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