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Why You Should be Using a Board of Advisors and How to Get the Most Benefit From It

February 1, 2016 | Article | By Jeremy Glaser, Jennifer Rubin

Start-ups can use all the sound advice they can get, especially if they can get it for free. One source of “free” advice is an advisory board made up of people who can add value to your business.
The “Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes” (PATH) Act was recently signed into law, and two provisions in particular benefit venture capital, private equity, and other investors owning or planning to purchase a corporation.

The New Section 4(a)(7): More Than a Codification of Section “4(a)(1½)”

January 21, 2016 | Alert | By Samuel Asher Effron, Cliff Silverman

On December 4, 2015, the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (the “FAST Act”) was signed into law by President Obama.

Excluding Your Gains on Small Business Investments

January 19, 2016 | Alert | By Daniel DeWolf, Rachel Gholston

2016 promises to be another very good year to invest in start-ups because of the extension of significant tax breaks for investors who invest in early stage companies.
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Negotiating Your Company's Valuation

January 14, 2016 | Article | By Jeremy Glaser

What is my company worth? What should I tell the investors my valuation is for the next round of financing?
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What Makes a Good Business Plan?

January 14, 2016 | Article | By Daniel DeWolf

The way most businesses are initially funded is by the three Fs. That is, by "friends, family, and fools." After all, who else would provide the initial seed capital to start a new enterprise? But self-funding (or relying on friends and families) will only take you so far in building out your new business.
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The Top 5 Reasons an Employer Will Enforce Your Non-Compete Agreement

January 12, 2016 | Article | By Jennifer Rubin

Non-compete agreements are a common part of the business world these days.
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You have raised your friends and family/angel round, built out the beta of your product and have a few early paying customers. Now it is time to raise the money you need to grow from institutional investors. How do you get their attention when so many companies are in the same boat as you?
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Current Motor Wins 2015 Michigan MobiPrize

December 15, 2015 | Article | By Daniel DeWolf, Samuel Asher Effron

Mintz was excited to see its client, Current Motor, win the second annual Michigan MobiPrize. Presented by NextEnergy and the University of Michigan’s Sustainable Mobility and Accessibility Research and Transformation (SMART), the award honors Michigan-based mobility entrepreneurs who are developing and commercializing innovative mobility solutions in Michigan.

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Pure Energy Partners Publishes Cleanweb Report

December 15, 2015 | Article | By Daniel DeWolf, Samuel Asher Effron

Mintz is very excited to announce the launch of “The State of the Cleanweb“ report, which we are proud to support. Within, resources and energy are referred to as “software’s next meal” — and you’ll want to know why! The report was produced by SuperCollider with data powered by CB Insights, and is also supported by New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

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MintzTech Innovator Profiles - YieldStreet & ChyronHego

December 15, 2015 | Article | By Daniel DeWolf, Samuel Asher Effron

MintzTech Innovator Profiles - YieldStreet & ChyronHego
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Impact Investing: Doing Well by Doing Good

December 15, 2015 | Article

From the days of divesting assets from companies doing business in apartheid South Africa and withholding investments to protest big tobacco, values-based investing has come a long way. And it’s no longer just about hippie companies like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, which pioneered the concept of corporate social responsibility. With impact investing, investors are now seeking to use the markets to solve the toughest challenges of our time, such as financial inclusion, climate change, access to health care, and affordable housing. So what exactly is impact investing?

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MintzTech Connect Industry News - December 2015

December 15, 2015 | Article | By Daniel DeWolf, Samuel Asher Effron

Welcome to the second issue of MintzTech Connect — our bi-monthly newsletter on “all things technology” in the legal and business world, from our perspective, of course. This issue contains some key industry news, profiles on two exciting companies, an article about the ever growing “impact investing” space, and an amazing CleanWeb Report on which we collaborated with other industry participants. Also, don’t miss the list of events taking place in key start-up hubs around the country.

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Regulation Crowdfunding & The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act

December 15, 2015 | Article | By Daniel DeWolf, Samuel Asher Effron

MintzTech Industry Updates - Regulation Crowdfunding & The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act

Regulation Crowdfunding: The Long Wait Is Over, But Is Equity Crowdfunding D.O.A.?

December 8, 2015 | Alert | By Samuel Asher Effron, Kristin Gerber

Three and a half years after the passage of the JOBS Act, the SEC on October 30, 2015 adopted final rules for Title III of that Act, more popularly known as equity crowdfunding and dubbed by the SEC as “Regulation Crowdfunding” (we refer to it as “Reg. CRWD”).
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MintzTech Connect Industry News - October 2015

October 15, 2015 | Article | By Daniel DeWolf, Samuel Asher Effron

We are thrilled to provide you with the first issue of MintzTech Connect, a bi-monthly newsletter on “all things technology” in the legal and business world, from our perspective, of course. We intend MintzTech Connect to be a periodic, easily digestible update for you to hear what we in the Technology Practice at Mintz are doing and seeing in the industry. Each issue will contain a profile of a company that is making headlines in the technology world in any number of ways, which may include its novel technology, its approach to a particular issue, and itsimpact on the world of sustainability, clean technology, or even biotechnology. Our philosophy is that “every company is a technology company” in one way or another and technology pervades our lives in many interesting and unique ways — MintzTech Connect will aim to highlight and identify many of those ways. In addition, each issue will provide you with important updates in the industry from a legal and/or regulatory perspective, or will identify areas in which change may be forthcoming. In this highly regulated industry it is important to keep abreast of the ever-changing landscape, and we will help you do just that. Finally, each issue will contain an abbreviated list of upcoming events taking place in the major technology hubs around the country so that you can pick and choose where to focus your energy in the next few months. We are excited to share our inaugural issue with you and sincerely hope you enjoy it and share it with friends and colleagues. Stay tuned for more from us in the coming months!

In this episode of MintzEdge’s From the Edge podcast, attorney Ben Stone talks to Ananth Kasturiraman and Caroline Fay, co-founders of Skillist, about how their company connects employers with untapped talent in order to increase the efficiency of the labor market.

Skillist addresses underemployment through a skill-based, identity-blind online process. Find out what we miss when we rely entirely on resumes for job applications, how a new platform addresses unconscious bias in hiring, Skillist’s backstory, and more in this exciting podcast.
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