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MintzTech Industry Update - Cybersecurity & Data Breach

October 15, 2015 | Article | By Daniel DeWolf, Samuel Asher Effron

MintzTech Industry Update - Cybersecurity & Data Breach
On Thursday, April 23, the FTC settled deception charges against start-up Nomi Technologies, Inc. related to Nomi’s in-store, sensor-based, tracking technology.1 This is the first FTC enforcement action against emerging retail store–based tracking technologies.
In this episode of MintzEdge’s From the Edge podcast, attorney Ben Stone talks to Ananth Kasturiraman and Caroline Fay, co-founders of Skillist, about how their company connects employers with untapped talent in order to increase the efficiency of the labor market.

Skillist addresses underemployment through a skill-based, identity-blind online process. Find out what we miss when we rely entirely on resumes for job applications, how a new platform addresses unconscious bias in hiring, Skillist’s backstory, and more in this exciting podcast.
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