Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

Technological know-how and strategic insight

Although artificial intelligence and robotics are individual industries in their own right, AI and robotics are converging. This convergence is expected to create a $100 billion industry by 2020.


Robots have been with us for decades, automating industrial facilities, assisting first responders in search and rescue missions, and independently performing repetition-based residential tasks, such as vacuuming floors. More recent advances in robotics enable tasks requiring fine motor skills to be fulfilled by robots. Surgeons are increasingly using robotic systems in the most complex surgeries. “Soft” robotics enables manipulation of fragile objects without causing damage. Microbots, body-machine interfaces, and modular robots are all predicted to be operational in the near future. The competition for advancing robotics to the next generation of capabilities is fierce, and companies need to protect their innovations, compete for financing, and participate in impactful legislative initiatives.

Artificial Intelligence

The hype around artificial intelligence has hit new heights, both in the technical press and in the mainstream. “Danger, Will Robinson!”* was just the beginning of our fascination with bringing mechanized systems to “life.” From revolutions in speech recognition to machine learning and big data, technologies are quickly evolving to bring us closer to making artificial intelligence a part of our daily lives. Universities are often the initial playground for such innovations, and companies often spin out of those institutions seeking to commercialize the advancements. Large corporations have set their internal teams to work on innovating in-house and their business development teams to sourcing the next big thing in AI. At all levels of the artificial intelligence field, Mintz Levin is there protecting and licensing these new and exciting developments in AI.

*Phrase first made famous by Robot B9 on “Lost in Space” (TV series: 1965-1968)

The Intersection

How soon will it be before artificially intelligent robotic systems are in our homes and workplaces? There have been bursts of potential over the past 50-60 years followed by disappointment and renewed skepticism. With advanced algorithmic capabilities, data storage in the cloud, interconnectedness of systems via the Internet, and incredible levels of processing power in tiny microprocessors, a stronger foundation exists today than ever before.

Trusted Counsel

Mintz Levin uses our technical knowledge, industry insights, and legal skills to add great value to clients in the robotics and artificial intelligence fields. We help clients determine a clear path through the crowded field of competition by assessing innovations already in the public domain and developing a forward-thinking patent strategy. We handle financings at all levels of company development and advise entrepreneurs on various financing strategies to select the approach that is right for their goals and expectations. We also advise clients on employment, immigration, consumer product safety, and privacy and security issues. Clients in regulated industries like health care rely on us to understand their specific issues and help them clear through red tape and other potential roadblocks.